Internet Measurement Awareness Survey
As a RIPE ATLAS Ambassador, AFRINIC has over the last 3 years distributed 192 probes and sponsored 6 anchors to facilitate measurements and data collection with the aim to improve the current understanding of Internet performance in Africa. However, only a fraction of those probes are currently online and many of them have either never been connected or have been abandoned/disconnected.

In order to have a good understanding of the needs of the African Internet community in terms of Internet measurement, AFRINIC is conducting a survey with the aim of capturing the state of Internet measurement platforms availability, capabilities, and challenges Africa.

The survey will also guide AFRINIC in building an Internet measurement programme to train network operators, regulators, end users and other stakeholders on the subject of Internet measurement. We are seeking input from the potential beneficiaries of the said programme through this survey. Your responses will help us understand the available measurement infrastructure on the continent as well as the gap that needs to be filled in the area. Please endeavour to complete the survey. No personal or company data are collected, neither are IP addresses. The survey could be completed in approximately 10 minutes. If you are interested in discussing the survey work further, please write us on


If you want to receive 1,000,000 RIPE Atlas credits, provide us with your email at the end of this survey.